'The Wanderer' is a trilogy by R. Hyslop - 1700 pages packed with characters and detail from a world so unlike our own.
'Mutatis Mutandis' by Robert Hyslop retells the dramatic history of how Henry VIII changed England.
'Jonas Forbes' by Bob Hyslop is the hero of a thriller series set 1953-73 and published as ebooks by 'smashwords', Amazon & Google.

All the printed books are firmly based on research and include notes for those interested in factual detail.
They are distributed by Amazon and Google.
The' Jonas Forbes' series are firmly historically- based although thrillers.

See longer extracts at www.books.google.com or www.Amazon.co.uk
(e.g.by entering 'hyslop' and 'wanderer' OR Mutatis')
For Jonas Forbes thrillers see ' http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JonasForbes ',
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